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Other Survivor & Thriver Activities + Groups

In addition to Your Bosom Buddies, there are
other groups and activities that can assist you on your cancer journey

The Heroines' Choir

The Heroines' Choir is a semi-professional and inspired group comprised primarily of breast cancer survivors.
The Choir performs for various cancer-related programs throughout the year.
Several of the Your Bosom Buddies members are also part of the Heroines Choir.

Save Our Sisters (SOS)

Team SOS Miami is the only breast cancer survivors’ dragon boat racing team in Miami from diverse backgrounds and ages.
The stories of courage, hope and friendship will unfold as the team prepares for this challenge and their message is clear, it’s not just a race to the finish line, it’s a race against breast cancer.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 18.20.32.png

Yoga 4 Cancer (Y4C)

Y4C classes are specialized for individuals affected by cancer or their family.  Poses support healing while developing flexibility, helping manage stress and promoting bone and body health. 

Help yourself maintain a healthy weight and find a supportive environment in which to share and learn from others.  Some meditation is included. 

Tamera is herself a cancer survivor. Contact her at 786-457-1023 for a spot. You can learn more about her other services at Facebook: Wellness, Therapy, & Yoga.

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